Sunday, December 2, 2012

Syria: Syrian Government Defies Terror in All Aspects of Life in Syria

While terror striking everywhere in Syria trying to destabilize the state and turn it into another fail state dependent on US aid and GMOs, Syrian Ministry of Agriculture started distributing 164,000 forestry saplings in Qunaitra province alone, of different types of trees like Cypress, Eucalyptus, Pine Fruity & Brutia, Nerium.. produced by the ministry's nurseries, it's being distributed for FREE.

Qunaitra Forest
Qunaitra Agriculture directorate head mentioned that the current winter plan of his directorate includes planting around 10,000 hectares (around 24,710 acres) with irrigated & non-irrigated wheat, 1,000 hectares with barley, 3,000 hectares with beans and 2,500 with Vetch.

Pine tree forest in Qunaitra
The distribution process would last till 31st of May 2013, the directorate would also provide seeds and fertilizers in addition to fuel for farmers having tractors in their lands. 10 million Syrian Liras will also be distributed as agriculture loans to encourage farmers expand their planted lands. 

Jabata Al Khashab forest in Qunaitra province, south of Damascus, Syria
Head of Irrigation directorate in the province confirmed that all damns and irrigation networks in the province are ready after his directorate completed the annual maintenance in anticipation of the coming irrigation season. He stated that irrigated lands during this season has reached 140 hectares in Riqad Valley alone.

Bureiqa Damn Lake, Qunaitra Province, Syria
Directorate of Agriculture runs 3 nurseries in Qunaitra province which supplies the province with its needs of different types of saplings and extras are given to other provinces as needed.

Does your state care for the farmers in your FREE country which is trying to 'liberate' us?

- The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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