Friday, November 30, 2012

Syria: A Group of Lebanese Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Killed in Syria

Reports from several news agencies and eye witnesses in Tripoli, Lebanon and the Syrian state media have all confirmed the death of at least 17 terrorists from Al Qaeda in Lebanon working under the Free Syrian Army, the FSA, in Syria fighting the Syrian people, their state, their army and the infrastructure. 

Lebanese Al Qaeda terrorists killed by the Syrian Army in an ambush in Talkalakh, Homs, Syria

Names of some of the killed terrorists released as follows: 

Ahmad Nabhan, Muhammad Mir, Hassan Surour, Hussein Surour, Abdul Rahman Ayoubi, Youssef Abu Arida, Abdul Hakim Ibrahim, Bilal Al Ghoul, Ali Haj Dib, unknown first name from Mirabi family.. 

The breaking of this news comes amid the releasing of leaked recorded conversations between a Lebanese MP Oqab Saqr who works under Lebanese MP & former PM Saad Hariri who in turn works under Saudi Arabia actual ruler Prince Bandar Ben Sultan aka Bandar Bush, the leaked recordings by two Lebanese prominent media stations Al Akhbar Newspaper & OTV channel, incriminate the duo Hariri & Saqr in arming Al Qaeda FSA terrorists with different types of weaponry while the official stance of the Miqati government in Lebanon is to distance itself from the events in Syria, which proved only to be a false statement used by the US stooges camp to finance, supply, train and arm the terrorists in Syria while the majority of Lebanese national parties and citizens do not carry out their usual support to the Syrian people and their state.

Hariri / Saqr - Lebanese officials working in smuggling weapons to
Al Qaeda FSA terrorists in Syria
The recent group of Lebanese terrorists who fell in a sealed ambush by the Syrian Army and security forces is said to be between 24 & 30, some sources say that up to 24 were killed from this terrorist group which crossed the Lebanese Syrian borders earlier today.

- The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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