Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Russia: Use of Chemical Weapons by "Syrian Opposition" Is Very Serious Precedent

Mar 19, 2013

MOSCOW, (SANA)- The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said the use of chemical weapons by "the Syrian opposition" is "a very serious precedent".

"This incident constitutes a very worrying and serious development in the context of the crisis in Syria," the Ministry said in a statement published on its website.

The statement expressed Russia's deep concern "over weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of gunmen, which further aggravates the situation and pushes the confrontation in the country to a new level."

The Russian Foreign Ministry called upon all rational parties in Syria to abandon violence and move to realistic steps towards achieving the political solution through negotiations based on the Geneva Statement adopted by the action group on Syria on June 30.

Terrorists fired a rocket containing chemical substances on Khan al-Asal area in the countryside of Aleppo. Information indicated that 25 people, mostly civilians, were killed and over 100 others were injured.

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