Wednesday, March 6, 2013

US Adopts Two Contradicted Stances in Handling Crisis in Syria

Mar 06, 2013

WASHINGTON,(SANA)- US Secretary of State John Kerry admitted again that his country has sent weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria and that it seeks to send more, yet he contradicts himself when he says that his country considers Geneva Statement as the optimal solution to the crisis.

During a press conference held Tuesday with the prominent supporter of terrorism, Qatari Foreign Minister, Hamad bin Jassim, Kerry said "We have provided a direct help to the military council and to the Syrian opposition…We have tackled the types of weapons that would be shipped to Syria and to whom they will be given..".

Earlier, Kerry announced that his country financed the "armed opposition" with USD 60 million as additional aid to provide them with their "daily needs".

Kerry admitted that "his country and Qatar have worked together to escalate the international sanctions imposed on the Syrian regime and to help the opposition."

The US and Qatar were among the countries which sought to impose unilateral economic sanctions on the Syrian people.

Kerry reiterated his allegation "We must guarantee that our support strengthens the moderate opposition", ignoring that the Qatari Foreign Minister with whom he stands in the conference and his country support all forms of extremism in the region and embrace "Doha Coalition" which has rejected to enlist "Jabhat al-Nusra" on terrorism list.

Trying to sidestep a question on the guarantees of delivering weapons to the opposition, Kerry only said with obscurantism "I don't understand what are the guarantees you mentioned ….. I haven't demanded certain guarantees, but I said that the guarantees have become greater today and that the weapons will be given to the moderate opposition."

Flouting the United Nations Charter and the international laws, Kerry interfered in Syria's internal affairs and decided on behalf of the Syrian people that the Syrian President and Government "lost their legitimacy"

Yet, in a strange paradox, he said " we are completely committed to the freedom of the Syrian people….restoring the legitimacy will be only through Geneva Statement…This is what we have been committed to and we will remain on this road."

In a different context, Kerry said "we are clear in our stances as there is a framework for a peaceful solution that could be supported by the Russians and the Iranians , and by President al-Assad…This equation was defined in Geneva Statement."

Mattis Warns Against Supplying "Syrian Opposition" with Weapons

For his part, Commander of the United States Central Command James Mattis warned against supplying the "Syrian opposition" with weapons, indicating that the situation in Syria is very complicated.

Associated Press (AP) quoted Mattis as saying that he is afraid as the weapons provided to the "rebels", who fight against the Syrian Government, might reach the enemies of the United Sates.

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