Friday, March 22, 2013

Belgian MP denounces his government support of Syrian Rebels

"Arming Syrian rebels to oust a legitimate power is the implementation of a Zionist strategic plan..... Arming Syrian rebels who enroll kids as cannon fodder is not only a violation of international law but a crime against humanity" This is what Laurent Louis, member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives had told his country's government and people. But despite the requests from its own people the Belgium government still keeps a blind eye to the violations of human rights and crimes against humanity committed by the Syrian opposition militias?

Video of the speech with English and Arabic subtitles:

- The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.


  1. Every government has a Ignorant Nazi fool in it. Like Galloway & this clown.

    1. That makes you the Zionist upset with his remarks to save his own country and standing by international law.

  2. Finally someone who's willing to tell the truth. What I think is interesting is that now, in Europe, the UK, and Washington the new policy is that its ok to arm terrorists, as long as they are fighting someone the west doesn't like. In Libya, the state department took the Libyan Islamic fighting Group of the list of terrorist organizations, so that Washington wouldn't be in violation of the Patriotic act when we funded nd supported these thugs to destroy Libya. Now we are supporting radical Wahabbi Muslims, to destroy Syria, and unseat the current Secular government that over 80% of the population support.

    Oh, and John Bono, you only identify yourself as a rank Zionist by your remarks. Netanyahu is more like Hitler than any other leader I can think of


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