Friday, March 8, 2013

Ambassador Ahmad: AL Decision to Give Syria's Seat to the 'Coalition' Null and Void

Mar 08, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_Ambassador Youssef Ahmad said that the Arab League's decision to give Syria's seat to Istanbul Council in its modified version known as the ''Coalition'' is null and void and has no legal effect, as it is not based on the League's charter or statutes.

In an interview with the Syrian TV on Thursday, Ahmad said that the AL is methodically distorting its charter, work mechanisms and the agreements in effect for adopting decisions that serve US, Israeli, Qatari and Saudi interests.

''The Arab League's decision terminates every role it may have in solving the crisis in Syria through peaceful means,'' Ambassador Ahmad said, adding ''It also makes it party to the crisis and not part of the solution…Every decision by the Arab League is a prelude to taking a certain position on Syria.''
He added that the Arab League's call for the Coalition to have Syria's seat at the League contradicts its charter, indicating that the third paragraph of the this illegal decision sets a dangerous precedent in the work of regional and international organizations and is a flagrant violation of the Arab national security since it authorizes war between states on each others soil.

''In case the Arab League agreed to give Syria's seat to the opposition, this means that it has to agree to give other countries seats to the opposition in these countries, such as the Bahraini and Saudi opposition,'' he added.

Ambassador Ahmad saw that the reason why the AL picked one opposition grouping to take Syria's seat is that it has invited foreign military intervention since its inception, and has been covering all the armed practices of the armed groups such as ''Jabhat al-Nusra'' and al-Tawheed brigades on the Syrian soil.
He added that since the outset of the storm that has rocked some Arab countries, the AL has persevered in adopting decisions in service of the sheikhdoms that have grabbed the Arab decision.

''Qatar's role is a conspiratorial one played on behalf of all the enemies of Syria,'' Ambassador Ahmad said, indicating that Qatar is playing that role "by proxy in service of the US.''

He asserted that the Syrian people have the exclusive right to choose their representatives, indicating that ''Qatar sheikhdom has grabbed the Arab League's decision from major countries that once played an influential role.''

''The Palestinian cause has been absent from the Arab League since Syria's membership was suspended,'' Ahmad said, adding that the AL Secretary-General, Nabil El-Araby's contradictory statement reflected this when he said that the Arabs were unable to do anything about Israel's practices in the Palestinian territories.

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