Tuesday, December 4, 2012



Damascus Countryside: snipers of Free Army militia open fire on civil cars in Aqraba

December 4, 2012   9:20 PM

Damascus Countryside: The Syrian Army confronts an armed attack on the yeast factory at Shabaa junction

December 4, 2012   9:16 PM

Damascus Countryside: the infantry units of Syrian Army move forward in areas of Damascus Countryside

December 4, 2012   9:13 PM

Damascus Countryside: material damages were caused after firing two shells on al-Kheder Street of Jaramana

December 4, 2012   8:54 PM

Damascus Countryside: two mortar shells were fired on al-Kheder Street of Jaramana

December 4, 2012   8:27 PM

NATO agrees on the demand of Turkey to deploy Patriot missile on its borders with Syria

December 4, 2012   8:02 PM

Sources in the Syrian opposition confirm the death of terrorist Abu Ali Khaiba on Mesraba road

December 4, 2012   7:49 PM

Egypt: sources in the Presidential Palace affirm the escape of Mursi from the back door of the Mansion

December 4, 2012   7:34 PM

Egypt: Mursi escapes the Presidential Palace after confrontations between the demonstrators and the security

December 4, 2012   7:29 PM

Yemen: the Camp of armored brigade 33 fails to break the siege around its soldiers in al-Dalee area

December 4, 2012   6:58 PM

Egypt: demonstrators break the barbed wire in front of the Presidential Palace gate

December 4, 2012   6:21 PM

Egypt: The foreign ministry calls the Israeli ambassador in protest on the occupation policy

December 4, 2012   5:52 PM

Lavrov: we agree with NATO on the peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis

December 4, 2012   5:46 PM

Lavrov: we hope for no involvements in Syria

December 4, 2012   5:45 PM

Rasmussen: the deployment of Patriot missile systems on Turkish – Syrian borders is a defence act

December 4, 2012   5:39 PM

Tunisia: an emergency meeting is set for the Tunisian union and its allies call for a general strike

December 4, 2012   5:16 PM

Egypt: the opponents of Constitutional Declaration the rush to gather in front of al-Ittihadia Palace

December 4, 2012   4:53 PM

Egypt: allies to President Mursi demonstrate at the Presidential HQ in Cairo

December 4, 2012   4:45 PM

Egypt: clashes occur between members in Muslims brotherhood and demonstrators in the economical college of Ein Shams

December 4, 2012   4:44 PM

Lebanon: The army enhances protection in Tripoli and gives the insurgents a chance until 6 o'clock

December 4, 2012   4:35 PM

AFP: the Iraqi authorities prevents an airplane for a Turkish minister from landing in Arbil

December 4, 2012   3:57 PM

Our correspondent in Edlib: militants, including the leader Akram al-Saleh, have been killed in Ma'aret al-Nu'man

December 4, 2012   2:40 PM

SANA: a shell was fired on a school in the immigrants Camp of Damascus, causing 9 martyrs; 8 children and one teacher

December 4, 2012   2:22 PM

Moscow: we reject participating in the conference of "Friends of Syria" that will be set in Morocco

December 4, 2012   1:55 PM

Damascus: the journalist Naji Asaad in Tishreen newspaper has been assassinated near his house in al-Tadamon

December 4, 2012   11:39 AM

Homs: 5 shells were fired from al-Huson on al-Hawash, causing civil martyrs and injuries

December 4, 2012   9:50 AM

The Iranian revolutionary guard: an American drone that violated the Iranian airspace has been downed

December 4, 2012   9:19 AM

Homs: The Syrian Army carries out a qualitative operation in al-Houla orchards, causing 9 deaths of gunmen

December 4, 2012   2:40 AM

Deir Ezzor: militants have been killed in clashes with the Syrian Army in al-Mwazzain neighborhood

December 4, 2012   1:27 AM



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