Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Homs: severe armed conflicts take place between the Syrian Army and armed groups in Deir Ba'alba

December 25, 2012   4:37 PM

Aleppo: armed men have been killed during clashes with the Syrian Army in Ancient Aleppo

December 25, 2012   4:36 PM

Homs: gunmen fire RPG shells on al-Arman neighborhood, claiming two civil injuries

December 25, 2012   4:34 PM

Raqqa: insurgents who attempted to take control over the branch of water projects, have been killed

December 25, 2012   4:33 PM

Damascus: 10 injuries among the civilians after a shell landed was fired by armed men on Rkn al-den

December 25, 2012   2:56 PM

The Opposition coordinating committee after the meeting with Brahimi: discarding violence is necessary and the solution must be political

December 25, 2012   2:24 PM

Our correspondent in Damascus Countryside: militants, including Louay Qassas, have been killed in striking their position in Daria

December 25, 2012   2:12 PM

The Pope of Vatican: We call to find a political solution for the Syrian crisis and to stop the bloodshed

December 25, 2012   1:16 PM

Lebanon: the families of the kidnapped Lebanese in Syria cut the road of the presidential palace

December 25, 2012   12:36 PM

Reuters: Two Russian shipments of Diesel fuel arrive to Tartous port

December 25, 2012   10:01 AM

Al-Safer from diplomats: Brahimi has no plan so far, but a draft of ideas

December 25, 2012   8:42 AM

Deir Ezzor: insurgents, including Rami al-Kandro and Ziad Ahmad al-Sayri, were killed in al-Jbeileh

December 25, 2012   12:58 AM

Deir Ezzor: 36 militants who attempted to target a military troop have been killed on the Deir road of Damascus

December 25, 2012   12:57 AM


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