Monday, December 10, 2012



Homs: the Syrian Army takes control over the eastern neighobrohod of Qusair

December 10, 2012   9:20 PM

Aleppo: gunmen have been killed in Bani Zaid, al-Turkawi roundabout and Endan

December 10, 2012   9:16 PM

Aleppo: militants have been killed near the tractors factory in al-Sfeira

December 10, 2012   9:15 PM

Damascus: the blasts resulted in the injury of the driver

December 10, 2012   8:01 PM

Damascus: insurgents attempt to assassinate a member in the National reconciliation committee, by planting an explosive charge to his car

December 10, 2012   8:01 PM

Deir Ezzor: the Syrian Army kills militants during attempting to infiltrate to al-Matar al-Qadeem airport

December 10, 2012   7:15 PM

Gunmen have been killed in operations for the Syrian Army in Lattakia northern countryside

December 10, 2012   6:56 PM

Damascus Countryside: militants, including Khalid al-Zeeb, have been killed in Harran al-Awameed

December 10, 2012   6:54 PM

Tunis: a member in the security forces was killed in cashes with insurgents near the Algerian borders

December 10, 2012   6:20 PM

Deir Ezzor: clashes leave dead militants and two martyrs of Syrian soldiers near Ghassan Abboud roundabout

December 10, 2012   5:59 PM

The head of mill management to Breaking News Network: the flour is available and the pressure will be stopped in 3 days

December 10, 2012   3:15 PM

The head of mill management to Breaking News Network: the bakeries of Damascus Countryside stop due to the pressure on the city's bakeries

December 10, 2012   3:14 PM

Our correspondent in Damascus: 10 militants of al-Nusra front were killed in raiding on their den in al-Sheikh Muhi al-Din

December 10, 2012   1:12 PM

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