Sunday, November 25, 2012

Real News From Syria: BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: NOVEMBER 25, 2012

Edlib Countryside: The Saudi Abed al-Malek al-Ihsaee, has been killed in clashes in Mahambal

November 25, 2012   6:13 PM

Damascus Countryside: the killed persons are the ones who planned and executed the explosions that hit Jaramana city +

November 25, 2012   5:56 PM

Damascus Countryside: the killed persons included Abu Suhaib and Abu Muhammad

November 25, 2012   5:54 PM

Damascus Countryside: Syrian Army kills insurgents and seize their arms and ammo in Hijjira area

November 25, 2012   5:52 PM

Al-Zu'bi: no media veto will be executed on the government opponents as long as they respect the National leadership

November 25, 2012   5:25 PM

Nicaragua's President affirms to Meqdad that his country is optimistic about Syria's victory

November 25, 2012   5:13 PM

Edlib Countryside: shells were fired by insurgents on Harem town, causing 18 civil martyrs

November 25, 2012   4:54 PM

Aleppo: 12 militants were killed in striking their position in al-Tananir square of al-Jdeideh

November 25, 2012   1:05 PM

Nasrallah: the victims in Syria are the Syrian nation, people and army

November 25, 2012   11:45 AM

Nasrallah: let the Israeli enemy hear that our confrontations against him will be running all over Palestine

November 25, 2012   11:32 AM

Aleppo: 15 insurgents have been killed in Qastal Harami and at Aghyour roundabout

November 25, 2012   1:04 AM

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